World’s fastest scooter has just 75hp (Video)

World’s fastest scooter has just 75hp (Video)


I guess when you’re as light as the Piaggio Gilera GP 800 (just 235kg), it doesn’t take very much umph to really get going. Boasting a sub-liter (850cc) engine good for 75 horsepower, this scooter is said to be the fastest in the world. The automatic transmission is made up of seven gears that you can access with the sequential shifter.

While blasting your way around corners, gripping those aluminum handlebars for dear life can be a lot of fun, the Piaggio can also stop on a dime, thanks to the Brembo brake calipers on board. There’s a pair of 300mm steel disks in the front (surrounded by a 16-inch wheel), and a single 280mm brake disk in the rear (surrounded by a 15-inch wheel).

No word on price, but they don’t plan on starting production for about another year anyways.