Helio offers mobile payment with Obopay

Helio offers mobile payment with Obopay


Don’t call them a phone company, don’t call it a phone, because Helio is trying to offer so much more than just a voice call experience. The MVNO has teamed up with Obopay to provide its “young, connected members” with a quick and easy “complete end-to-end mobile payments solution.”

Helio subscribers will be able “to easily get, send and spend money directly from their mobile,” said Obopay CEO and founder Carol Realini. The system is designed to be real-time, secure, and completely peer-to-peer. Funds are linked to an Obopay Prepaid MasterCard account, which can be used just about anywhere MasterCard is accepted. You manage this account on your Helio handset, anytime, anywhere.

For more specifics, check out the official Obopay on Helio website.