Zune gets first firmware upgrade

Zune gets first firmware upgrade


Alright! Microsoft has finally issued a new firmware version (1.2) for their Zune media player, so could this be where they provide their antsy public with nifty new features and additional file support? Sadly, the answer is no. Instead of adding in the capability to exploit the WiFi connectivity to stream files from your computer, instead of tossing in the much wanted DivX support or gapless playback, they simply toss in an update that “will help enhance stability and performance.”

So, yeah, it won’t crash as often… or something. Something that can’t be said about a lot of Microsoft operating systems (where’s CTRL+ALT+DEL on this?). I guess we’ll have to wait until the next update to see if Billy Gates wants to hook us up with some more features and functions.

Firmware version 1.2 can be installed via the Zune software.