Panasonic ultraportable laptops integrate EV-DO Rev.A

Panasonic ultraportable laptops integrate EV-DO Rev.A


Sprint’s high-speed EV-DO Rev.A network can be pretty darn spiffy, but it kind of sucks having to carry around an extra wireless card. No longer! Panasonic has integrated the 3G broadband connectivity into their ultraportable W5 and T5 ToughBook laptops, meaning you can surf anywhere Sprint’s waves can reach you.

The ToughBook W5 and T5 both find a very delicate balance between being some of the slimmest laptops on the market and having enough ruggedness to withstand the occasional bump and/or bruise. In fact, these are the first “rugged laptops” to be compatible with the Rev.A network. Download speeds can be as high as 800kbps, but if you happen to be somewhere where Rev.A isn’t available, you can still hop on over to EV-DO Rev.0 when necessary.

Both Panasonic ToughBooks boast 12.1-inch screens and weigh under 3.5 pounds each. The W5 is a regular laptop whereas the T5 is a Tablet PC with a touchscreen. Prices will start at $2,249 when they go on sale next month.