USB shaver recharges at your desk

USB shaver recharges at your desk


So this is a shaver that recharges via your USB port. Kind of makes you stop and think, doesn’t it?

It certainly makes a novel gift, something that is bound to be a talking point around the office. The USB plug slips in and out of the bottom of the shaver, so you don’t impale your palm on that pesky prong. You also get a handy cleaning brush.

Brando, the manufacturer known for making many things USB, says the shaver is actually quite a good one, with a floating double-head system. Not bad for US$22.

This sounds like a great idea, and it is, but we want to encourage you to actually get up from the computer every now and then. This device lets you recharge at your desk, but it doesn’t mean you have to shave there. The last thing we need is a USB vacuum to clean up those fresh clippings from between your keys.