Sony Ericsson W200a caught naked at FCC

Sony Ericsson W200a caught naked at FCC


Everyone is keeping pretty tight-lipped about this apparently new budgetphone from Sony Ericsson, but we manage to snag a pic of the W200a in the nude. As the document is housed on the FCC website, we have reason to believe that it has already been approved (they seem to be discussing where to place the approval sticker, I think).

Unfortunately, the provided photograph doesn’t show the front of the phone, but based on the model number alone, we can venture a guess on a several fronts. For starters, it’s a W-series phone, meaning that it’ll rock some form of the Walkman software for mobile music junkies, and by association, it’s got to have some kind of memory stick slot. As it is the W200a, we’ve got to assume that it’s a lower-end model, much like the W300, and the “a” has typically stood for “America” in SE’s books, so it’s either North America-friendly triband GSM (850/1800/1900) or world-friendly quadband GSM (850/900/1800/1900). It’s also clearly got a camera going on in the back and comes draped in their signature orange paint.

I’m pretty sure it’s a candybar. More as it develops.