Sleek, portable iPod speakers from Saitek

Sleek, portable iPod speakers from Saitek


We have LOTS of iPod speakers to choose from these days. Some are definitely more function than form. The newest portable pair from Saitek, however, gives you both form and function. It is the My Spkr A-100, and Its sleek design paired with its stereo sound and scratch-resistant surface make it a desirable option indeed.

Yes, that iPod in the photo is a nano. And yes, that iPod stand was made specifically for the nano. You can still hook up an iPod non-nano or a non-iPod; it just doesn’t look as nice. If you’re one of the legions who do have a nano, though, especially a black one, this is a good buy at US$69.95.

Pack in the batteries, though. You’ll need four AAAs to power the speakers. The company says that the runtime is 12 hours. Especially because these speakers are so portable, though, you’ll want to have extra batteries on hand, too.