Mywaves: mobile video for the masses

Mywaves: mobile video for the masses


There are all kinds of ways of making waves these days—with your cell phone, with your music, with your videos. A startup aims to bring all of that together and give you your waves on your phone.

The aptly named mywaves launched in October and has a ton of users already. You can get all kinds of videos from many sources on your mobile, including CNN, Comedy Central, VH1, and the ubiquitous YouTube. It’s mobile TV 10,000 channels strong.

The company encourages you to upload your own videos via your mobile phone as well. You can choose to make those videos public or invitation-only.

Mywaves works across carrier lines, although it is restricted right now to U.S.-based Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile USA, and Verizon. The one hiccup might be if you have a mobile phone that doesn’t support Java-based Web applications.

Registration is free. Your costs are whatever you pay for your provider’s data plan and traffic.