Ford: No to Mustang sedan, wagon. Yes to Interceptor

Ford: No to Mustang sedan, wagon. Yes to Interceptor


I thought it was a little out of place to talk about the possibility of a Mustang four-door or a Mustang station wagon, and it seems that the people at Ford agree. In fact, they have flat out denied that they ever even considered the possibility, saying that the earlier report by Autoweek was completely false.

Last month, there were rumblings on the internet that Ford was working on a Mustang wagon for the 2010 model year, but this “Shooting Brake” was never in the cards. The execs were intrigued by these random rumors and followed the online discussion to see what the automotive enthusiast community had to say.

After hearing a nearly unanimous opinion that the Mustang should be a coupe (and convertible) and nothing more, Ford Australia issued the statement today denying the existence of a Mustang sedan. That said, they did confirm that they are working on the “Interceptor”, a “four-door, rear-wheel-drive concept car” set to make its debut in Detroit next month.