Ultra-rugged Hammerhead Tablet PC gets FCC nod

Ultra-rugged Hammerhead Tablet PC gets FCC nod


It may not be exactly the type of thing you’d lug into a business presentation, but the Hammerhead Tablet PC will be able to serve perfectly fine in rough and unpredictable environments. And it’s just been approved by the FCC. Now, you’ll be able to do your scientific field studies without having to worry about protecting your glossy white Apple MacBook.

The Hammerhead features a good-sized 10.4-inch display, and you even get to choose what type: “XGA or SVGA Transmissive display, All-Vis SVGA Indoor/Outdoor display, or DRS’ new XGA Reflective display, which provides superior viewing in direct sunlight…or wherever your work gets done.” Rounding out the specs are an Intel Pentium M processor with Centrino Mobile technology, Intel Pro WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, PCMCIA slot, hot-swappable batteries, and — of course — high-end “durability and reliability.”

Now that’s it’s received the go-ahead from the FCC, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll find field investigators making use of the Hammerhead and Hammerhead Xtreme. CSI, perhaps?

Official product page here.