Top Tech of the week – 12.15.2006

Top Tech of the week – 12.15.2006


As Christmas gets closer, you are probably dreaming of all the electronics you hope someone buys you. With those kinds of thoughts on everyone’s mind, it’s interesting that two of this week’s Top Tech of the Week are really not at all things that you would ever see under you tree. Don’t worry, though – the other three would be gifts to make the biggest gadget geek drool. Here’s a look:

Portable DNA detector – Unless you watch too much CSI and want to live the dream yourself then you probably will have no need for a portable DNA detector. That being said, it is still pretty cool technology. Scientists at Stanford have used a silicon chip, many magnetic sensors, and a chip reader that all fit into a device the size of a shoebox and can be used at crime scenes to detect strands of DNA. It can also be used to detect toxins. A market ready model is still a while off, but it is definitely interesting.

Innespace watercraft – Another gift that you won’t get for Christmas, but you’re lying if you say you wouldn’t like one. It’s a fully submersible watercraft that is designed to look and behave underwater like a dolphin. It has room inside of it for one person, and it is designed to essentially fly under water. I can’t think of anything that would be more fun.

Philips VP6000/6500 WiFi video phones – The FCC has given their blessing to a couple of very interesting WiFi phones. Not only do they use the magic of wireless to transmit your voice, but they also use real time video. It has a 2.2 inch TFT screen to view who you are talking to you, and a rotating VGA camera to catch you at your best. The VP6500 phone has just one unique feature over it’s smaller-numbered cousin – it has TV-out.

LG Chocolate DAP – Love the Chocolate phone? Then you need a matching DAP. The little wonder, in all of its glossy black glory, has a retractable USB connector for easy transfer of tunes. It comes in sizes ranging from 512MB to 2GB. Or rather, it will come in those sizes when it comes out. We don’t know when that will be or what it will cost when the time comes. It sure looks like it will be worth the wait, though.

KRZR Fire – You like the KRZR? Think it looks pretty cool as it is? Well, then you’ll be completely in love with the KRZR Fire. See, it’s like a regular KRZR, only it comes in a very shocking shade of red. Black is cool, and blue makes for a nice phone, too, but it’s not until you have a red phone that people will really look at you with awe and envy. That’s what you want, isn’t it?