Sprint integrates cell phone with landline

Sprint integrates cell phone with landline


Sprint is together at last with Nextel, but they’re not done with the whole marriage thing. The telecommunications giant is helping you find the middle ground between wireless and wired, launching Sprint Wireless Integration. This new product is said to merge your cell phone with your landline-based office phone.

If you’re already a Sprint subscriber (for work), you’ve probably already experienced their “premises-based PBX features and functionality.” Now, you can transfer all that goodness to your mobile phone, offering “additional value and new capabilities.”

Everything is fully integrated. You’ll get one phone number, so that both your office phone and your mobile handset ring at the same time. What’s more, when you’re calling in from your cell phone, you won’t need to bumble through reception or that nasty automated system to get connected to your colleague: just use the four digit extension like how you would from your desk phone. You also won’t need to worry about multiple voicemails, because you’ll get a single converged enterprise inbox.

Sprint Wireless Integration is available now to customers with Avaya Communications Manager enterprise telephony PBX. Similar solutions will be offered with other PBX providers in “early 2007.”