Million-dollar cell phone encrusted with diamonds

Million-dollar cell phone encrusted with diamonds


Forget about having the latest features and the highest megapixel count, when it comes to choosing a cell phone, it’s the bling factor that counts. At least, that appears to the line of thought behind the Diamond Cypto Smartphone Project. This more intelligent cell phone is about as blinged out as it gets, encrusted with blue diamonds all around the front bezel (fifty or more in all). It’s also covered in platinum and a variety of jewels. Bling, blang!

Created by a company based out of Russia — just like Gresso with their phones made of African Blackwood and Pink Gold — the Diamond Crypto Smartphone got dressed up an Austrian jeweler named Peter Alossion. And this thing actually has some functionality, including Windows CE, email, internet, JAVA, MP3, video calls, and Office viewer.

Because of all those diamonds, this phone costs even more than the much lusted after Black Diamond by Jaren Goh. The Diamond Crypto Smartphone costs 150 million JPY (about US$1.3 million).