Belkin SleeveTop protects lap from flaming laptop

Belkin SleeveTop protects lap from flaming laptop


Okay, it’s been confirmed. Belkin’s new favorite color is orange.

The accessories-maker already made that laptop-loving pillow, and now they’ve released a fairly simple laptop bag — the SleeveTop — that doubles as a “notebook pad specifically designed for home use.” Like the Cush Top before it, the SleeveTop (also known by its model number: F8N042) is made of hand-washable material, just in case you happen to spill a cup of coffee or something (of course, coffee on a laptop is probably worse that coffee on a SleeveTop anyways).

On the plus side, it’ll keep that flaming battery a safer distance away from your crotch, or in Belkin’s own words, “protect your lap from a hot computer.” Constructed of durable microfiber, the SleeveTop is “uniquely designed for comfortable laptop use on a couch, bed, or table”, and it can be closed “to protect your laptop when not in use.”

The price of this protection is a cool 48,000 KRW (US$52).