Apples and Oranges, together at last

Apples and Oranges, together at last


Well, it looks the people of France will soon be able to enjoy one crazy fruit salad. Mobile operator Orange has announced that they will be bundling their DSL service with Apple MacBook computers. Starting next month, you’ll be able to drop down just two euros a day to enjoy high-speed internet on a glossy white laptop, while sipping away at your espresso at a Paris cafe.

They’re saying that “this is the first time that a European mobile operator has partnered with Apple to bundle laptops with broadband service.” The offer only applies to France at this time, but they hope to expand to other European nations down the road.

The wording on the release is a little confusing — maybe it’s just me — but it’s unclear whether you get the use of the MacBook for free (or subsidized) when you subscribe to Orange’s DSL service, or is that the mobile operator is just starting to sell the Apple laptops.