MusicJam creates an iPod karaoke mixer

MusicJam creates an iPod karaoke mixer


This might just be the perfect gift for that noisy neighbor of yours, the one who keeps you up nights jamming with his bandmates. Or, you might have a child who does the same thing. No matter who you’re giving it to, they’ll enjoy its functionality.

It is the MusicJam, an iPod accessory that records while it plays. In other words, that budding musician in your home or neighborhood can create your own riffs while listening to the masters and have the whole thing recorded for posterity, or at least until you shut him down.

The MusicJam has some digital effects that musicians can add, as well as one big Danger device: a microphone. That’s right, the whole thing can become a karaoke recorder. No more laughing off that lousy accompaniment because no one will remember how bad the singing really was.

You can get the MusicJam for US$229.