Man foils burglary from overseas


    Daniel Craig might be James Bond for now, but Joao Pedro Wettlauser could give him a run for his money. Wettlauser, a resident of Guaruja, Brazil, foiled an attempted burglary of his vacation house while traveling in Germany.

    Wettlauser, an enterprising yet cautious homeowner, was vacationing in Cologne when he got an alert on his mobile phone. Turns out that it was his house calling, his home alarm system, to be precise.

    So Wettlauser fired up his laptop, logged on to real-time images from his home security cameras, and watched the feed long enough to ascertain that a tattooed man was filling trash bags with the Wettlauser family goods. Two phone calls later, police were surrounding the house and arresting the intruder.

    And Wettlauser? Why, he continued with his vacation, of course. A cool customer, he was neither shaken nor stirred.