LG goes musical with Chocolate DAP

LG goes musical with Chocolate DAP


If you’re thinking that this looks more like a chocolate phone than a stick of gum, you’re right. It’s the LG Chocolate Bar MP3 Player. Like its LG predecessors, it has that distinctly black glossy finish. You might be able to use it as a mirror to see if you have broccoli stuck between your teeth, actually. But don’t breathe too heavily on it because that glossy finish is a two-way street: It looks great under the lights, but it can also show off all manner of scratches, just like that scratched black iPod sitting on your desk.

This handy little device has a retractable USB connector (Where do they get these ideas?), for connection to your computer of choice. You can get as little as 512MB of memory, but why do that when you can have up to 2GB?

You can file this product under Not Available Yet. We don’t have pricing, either. We do have these nice photos, though, and that glossy black that has been such a big hit in the mobile phone market is sure to find many fans here, too.