Laptop gobbles up glowing USB squid

Laptop gobbles up glowing USB squid


Some companies try to sell you on their insane storage capacity. Others may try to capture your interest with cutting-edge biometric security. But not Toyama. They’ve created “glowfly squid USB memory” instead.

As you can probably tell, this is a USB thumb drive of a different breed. It’s hard to tell whether it’s the squishy type, but they are showcasing this device in a sushi-like manner. It even comes with a black mesh pouch, as if you just caught the inky thing from the ocean. To get at the integrated USB port, you actually tear its head off. When you get going on your PC, however, this squid lights up with a bright LED light.

While it plays perfectly fine with USB 2.0, it’s a little sad to find that this squid only packs 512MB of memory…. which I guess is more than the average squid. Price is about fifty bucks, with sales expected to commence in Japan early next year.