Windows Mobile smartphones love Skype Mobile 2.2

Windows Mobile smartphones love Skype Mobile 2.2


When it comes time to get some Skype action on the road, you’ll now have another software package to enjoy. Skype Mobile 2.2 has just been released, it plays super friendly with phones of the more intelligent variety. Smartphones — like the Motorola Q, T-Mobile Dash (HTC Excalibur), and Cingular BlackJack (Samsung i607) — can now go ahead and download the updated Skype software, as it can happily be enjoyed on Windows Mobile devices.

In fact, your home screen can now show important Skype deets like how much Skype credit you have left, when your voicemail will expire, and so on. That said, you’d be best advised to only use Skype while connected via WiFi, because otherwise, you may experience “some choppy performance.”

To download Skype Mobile 2.2, go to their official page.