Vestax takes deejays on the road with portable turntable


    Pfft. Kids and their fancy iPods. You can now take your crazy scratching skillz everywhere you go with the Handy Trax Portable Black Limited Edition turntable, busting out those vinyl-powered tunes like none other. Developed and created by those crazy disco deejays at Vestax, the Handy Trax comes with a built-in speaker and will happily bust out the tunes from 33s, 45s, and 78s.

    Naturally, as it is a portable vinyl player, it can be powered by a set of batteries. The Handy Trax may be particularly useful for “crate diggers” as they search for the latest and greatest records at the ol’ music store, especially if said store doesn’t have a demo record player kicking around.

    Bust out some tunes and grab this limited edition vinyl wonder for $169.