MPG estimates to drop in 2008, reflecting reality


    USG is on the PDQ for MPG. OK, not really. But give the Government credit for realizing that it’s out of touch.

    EPA estimates of miles per gallon will soon be based more on real-world experience than on computerized models. These standards have been around for 20 years now, and they haven’t changed a bit.

    For example, the computer that does the testing that determines the MPG target will drive in the most efficient manner possible, not speeding up and braking like crazy and taking turns too fast and blasting the A/C all day long, like real drivers do. The EPA is hip to this now and will make changes beginning with 2008 model year cars.

    Check out the photo there and you’ll see how the new stickers will look. Even though it will look like you’re losing fuel economy, it will simply be a reflection of how inconsistently and inefficiently people really drive.