DaimlerChrysler not entering the rebadging game

DaimlerChrysler not entering the rebadging game


While we have seen a few cars cross the line between Opel and Pontiac, for example, we’re not going to see any platform sharing between DaimlerChrysler’s two distinct brands: Chrysler and Mercedes. Of course, the Neon/SX 2.0 has seen both the Chrysler and Dodge side of things, but the parent company wants to keep the Germans separate from the Americans, so to speak.

They will continue to co-develop technology, but “we will not use a vehicle platform for several brands,” said Ruediger Grube, DCX’s head of corporate development. Of course, within each of their two main brands, they will continue to share many components.

It’s interesting that they are so adamant on not sharing platforms as it is typically much more cost effective to do so. This “de-merging” of Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz comes after intense pressure from “a number of investors”. What ever happened to synergy?