Carlos Ghosn confirms Nissan GT-R, details still slim

Carlos Ghosn confirms Nissan GT-R, details still slim


Just quit with the teasing. The Nissan GT-R has an incredible legacy. It is a name that has graced some incredible vehicles, and while we wait for more details to surface for the next-gen edition, Carlos Ghosn has finally revealed the car’s… logo.

Damn it. Well, Ghosn did indicate that the new Nissan GT-R would be built at the Tochigi assembly plant in Japan, and it will come powered by a “unique, highly specialized, high-performance engine [that] will be built at our Yokohama engine plant.” He fails to mention just how big (in terms of liters and cylinders), how powerful (in terms of horsepower and torque), or how turbo’d or supercharged this powerplant will be. We can at least be certain that it’ll be substantially beefier than the garden variety 12th-generation Nissan Skyline.

Other than the “unique” engine, the only piece of the puzzle that he was willing to reveal was the car’s logo. Yup, the same GT-R badge we already know and love.