Report: Speeding increases chances of crashing


    Well, I guess I might as well file this one under the “well, duh” category with an extra emphasis on the “duh.” A recent report is saying that speeding triples the odds of getting involved in a car accident. Also according to this report, sponsored by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, other major contributing factors include driving while drowsy, driving aggressively, and not paying attention to the road. Um, yeah, I guess so.

    They didn’t provide any hard numbers, but they do mention that driving while drowsy triples your chances, whereas taking your eyes off the road for more than two seconds at a time, regardless of reason, doubles the odds of crashing. Aggressive driving also doubles your chances.

    Now, I’m all for driver safety and making sure everyone gets to grandma’s in one piece this holiday season, but come on, this is all just common sense, no? I guess sometimes, we just need a reminder.