Open sourcing extends to iPod Sport Kit

Open sourcing extends to iPod Sport Kit


Remember the Nike + iPod Sport Kit with the sensor that would give you all kinds of data about how you’re running, how fast, far, how bad your hair looks when that cute guy or girl runs by you going the other direction? Well, that setup was very much proprietary in that you had to buy a pair of Nike shoes in order to use it. No more.

Although I love my iPod, I just wouldn’t plunk down my hard-earned cash for another pair of Nike shoes. Well, now you and I and a whole lot of other people can enjoy the functionality of the iPod Sport Kit without having to buckle under and buy more Nike shoes. Like you, I can get the SwitchEasy RunAway AnyShoe Adapter, lace up my Mizunos, and head out the door a happy guy jamming to his tunes and getting feedback all the while. The iPod receiver actually is enclosed within the casing of the AnyShoe Adapter, so it’s protected from things like rain and sweat. Best thing about it: It’s cheap. You can get one for 5.99 pounds (US$11.80).

For those of you want to be color-coordinated down to the last detail, the AnyShoe Adapter comes in a handful of fun colors. I’ll be buying at least two.