LG LAN-9600R all-in-one in-car entertainer, GPS navigator

LG LAN-9600R all-in-one in-car entertainer, GPS navigator


LG certainly isn’t the first company to develop one of these in-car entertainment units, but with the LAN-9600R, they certainly bring a lot to the table. This thing really does do it all, from blasting out your tunes (CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, etc.) and videos (DVD-Video, DivX 3.xx/4.xx/5.xx) to keeping you heading in the right direction with its integrated GPS navigation (powered by SiRFStar III).

But wait, there is oh so much more. The motorized seven-inch 16:9 wide-aspect display is a touchscreen, there’s a full two gigs of internal memory, and they’ve even included an SD memory card slot to boot. Oh wait, I’m still not done. The LG LAN-9600R also boasts a USB Host port, a handsfree Bluetooth kit, and a beefy 300MHz Centrality Atlas2 processor.

Seems like Europe will be the first place this unit is heading, and it will come preloaded with a plethora of European maps courtesy of Navteq. All this goodness, naturally, doesn’t come cheap: the estimated street price is $2,000.