iProjector dock projects iPod video

iProjector dock projects iPod video


Granted, the iPod may not come with as many functions and features out of the box as some other portable media players (FM radio, voice recording, etc.), but man are there a bevy of accessories out there designed specifically for Apple’s glossy white (or black) wonder. Whether you’re using it in a home theater, or doing a business presentation to potential clients, the iProjector is all you need as it rocks a dock for iPods of many different flavors.

From what we can gather thus far, it’ll swallow up the iPod Video, iPod Photo, and iPod nano. Set to make its debut at CES 2007, the iProjector is said to boast a SVGA (800 x 600) native resolution, 24-bit color, 1000 ANSI lumens, and a maximum projection size of 30 inches by 90 inches. Of course, it can connect to other AV equipment as well, while it charges up your iPod.

No word on price, but they (Ion Audio) will probably have that for us at CES.