CompAmerica unleashes TIGER SHARK 9500 X2 laptop

CompAmerica unleashes TIGER SHARK 9500 X2 laptop


Someone cue the Jaws theme music. CompAmerica has just unveiled one mean laptop, calling the otherwise unassuming computing machine the TIGER SHARK 9500 X2. That last bit corresponds to the dual coreness of the Turion 64 X2 found powering the thing, but there is oh so much more to enjoy. For starters, there are SLI Dual 7950GT video adapters, a huge 20-inch WSXGA+ glass view display, a quintet of USB 2.0 ports, FireWire, all three flavors of WiFi, Bluetooth, dual-layer DVD burner and a “ultra high speed SATA” hard drive as big as 160GB.

If you really want to go over the top, you can leapfrog into a couple of the special editions that they offer instead, including the “Extreme CAD CAM Workstation” and “Extreme Gaming / Multimedia Workstation.” This will push the TIGER SHARK 9500 x2 into the graphical heavens, with DUAL SLI nVidia Quadro FX Go 2500M Open GL Video (that’s 512MB DDR3 each).

The price depends on how far you want to take this, but just the basic model will run you $3399.