A custom-designed pillow for laptop users

A custom-designed pillow for laptop users


Of course, the last thing you want to happen while working on your term paper is to have your notebook computer leave an explosion impression on your lap. To give a little bit of separation between that heat-packing laptop and your pretty-darn-important thighs, there is the Belkin Cush Top F8N044.

Sure, you could use just about any other pillow, but this one is specially designed with the laptop user in mind. It’s not soft and gushy making your typing experience more difficult than it needs to be; instead, it’s firm enough to hold its shape. Moreover, it’s Coca Cola-friendly with its hand-washable material, whereas you can stash your power supply and other peripherals in the handy compartment.

Belkin’s laptop-loving Cush Top pillow will run you a cool 52,000 KRW (US$56).