Sony expands Memory Stick line with HG and HG Duo

Sony expands Memory Stick line with HG and HG Duo


Oh geez. There are enough memory card formats out there for us to keep track of these days — SD, CF, xD, and so on — that it certainly doesn’t help when a particular family expands in such a way that they only tack on a couple of extra letters. A couple of new formats of memory stick has been announced by Sony, this time being dubbed the Memory Stick PRO HG and PRO HG Duo. We’ve already enjoyed the Pro, the Duo, the Pro Duo, and the Memory Stick Micro (M2), so this will clearly add more to the confusion for the average Joe.

Where the Pro improved data transfer speeds over the garden variety Memory Stick, the Pro HG will do the same, offering a theoretical top speed of 60MB/sec. In fact, they’re claiming that when combined with the appropriate equipment, the “optimized lowest” rate is 15MB/sec. Moreover, compatibility will work both ways, allowing Pro HG sticks to be used in legacy equipment, and newer equipment swallowing up the old Pro sticks when necessary.

Devices taking the new PRO HG will start hitting store shelves as early as January. The Pro HG Duo variant (measuring 31×20×1.6mm) is also being prepared, offering a theoretical maximum capacity of 32GB.