Retro Podz speakers go wireless

Retro Podz speakers go wireless


We suspect that these will become a staple in dorm rooms, which is bad because you can just pick one up and hoff it at that roommate who wants to blast Britney Spears when you’re jonesing for a Coldplay fix. Head injuries aside, this is a cool idea.

The product is the Podz, a pair of wireless speakers for your iPod or other brand of MP3 player. The name is apt because they look like something out of Star Wars anyway.

A DAP has to stay connected to the transmitter, but the speakers can roam. They can be up to 150 feet away, and the signal can pass through walls (even if the Podz can’t, no matter how hard you throw them). You get two full hours of jamming before you have to plop the Podz back onto their saucer-like bases for a recharge. That doesn’t mean you have to turn on the tunes; it merely means that your Podz have to sit next to the transmitter until they regain their juice.

Want a pair? You’ll pay a fair bit, US$179, to be exact. They’re available now, just in time for all those holiday get-togethers with the family.