Top Tech of the week – 12.08.2006


    Christmas is sneaking up on us so quickly it’s almost unbelievable. I haven’t yet compiled my list of what I want the big guy in red to bring me, but a few of the products that we covered this week on Mobile Magazine would definitely bring a smile to my face if they were to show up in my stocking. Here are five that stuck out this week and earned the prestigious designation of Top Tech of the Week:

    Movon MAG1 – Because we read and write so much about the latest and greatest mobile phones every day, it’s easy to forget that some people are still traveling around with a phone that has only the bare essentials. Not everyone has a camera phone, and some people, if you can imagine, don’t even have Bluetooth. How they survive is a mystery, but this is targeted at them. The simple dongle turns the most archaic of phones into a Bluetooth-toting super-machine.

    HUD – We’ve seen heads-up displays, which project the speed of a car onto the windshield for easy viewing while driving before, but BMW has improved on the concept. Their systems already can project satellite navigation information, but the next generation will include technology called RoadPreview. That uses satellites, your speed, and voodoo to let you know what is coming up on the road, like big turns, and tells you if you are going to fast to handle the challenges ahead.

    Toshiba HDD – Toshiba has managed to blow through another performance ceiling for tiny drives. Their newest 1.8 inch hard drive now manages to cram 100GB of storage capacity into it. Toshiba has been very careful not to mention who the drive was designed for, but it doesn’t take a genius to come up with a scenario in which this thing shows up in a device with a piece of fruit on it in the near future.

    Panasonic speakers – Panasonic has broken a record of their own with their new, ridiculously thin speaker. It’s only 1.5 millimeters thick, which is just 60% of the previous record of 2.5 millimeters. This stamp-sized speaker apparently offers great sound, and it is designed to let makers create phones and other devices that are even smaller than they already are. Since it’s so thin, though, I think I want one implanted under my skin. I’ll sound great, and it’s so small I would barely notice it.

    WildCharge – This thing looks very old school, but what it does seems almost impossibly cutting edge. You just set any of your electronic devices on the plate and the WildCharge will magically charge them. No wires and nothing to connect to your phone. Once this thing hits the market in the first quarter of next year you may never have to scramble for an adapter again.