Telus goes flipping crazy over Nokia 6165i

Telus goes flipping crazy over Nokia 6165i


This was certainly a long time coming. Not only is the 6165i the first Nokia flip phone to hit Telus Mobility’s line-up, it boasts Push-to-talk to boot! Well, Telus likes calling it “Instant Talk”, but we all know it’s one and the same.

Available now, the Nokia 6165i “provides simple, real-time direct communication for people who are looking to always stay connected to friends and family.” In this way, Telus appears to not be marketing the phone to business users, at least not directly.

Other key features include Bluetooth, a megapixel camera with video, “web ready”, a 500 entry phonebook, polyphonic ringtones, and a pair of color displays. The no contract price is $230, but if you’re willing to take on a three-year enslavement service agreement, it’ll only run you 80 bucks (and that’s Canadian, of course).