Pinching pennies? Get a prepaid phone

Pinching pennies? Get a prepaid phone


Everyone wants (needs?) a cell phone, whether they can afford it or not. For people with less than desirable credit scores, it can be difficult to land (or it would be inadvisable to sign) a post-paid calling plan. Airlink Mobile is attacking the lower end of the market with their prepaid cell phones, offering “wireless options… for people on a budget or for anyone who wants to control their cell phone charges.”

For light users, prepaid plans might be the way to go anyways. In fact, they say that the prepaid wireless market “will grow by over 600% in the next 3 years, to 31 million subscribers by the end of 2008.” A part of this is because even the youngest consumers are rocking cell phones these days, and, well, they don’t have credit cards.

Targetting “the credit-challenged, youth, students, ethnic, and fixed income seniors”, the mobiles offered by Airlink come with all the basics without a bunch of excessive charges.