Philips RAZR-thin flip phone gets FCC go-ahead

Philips RAZR-thin flip phone gets FCC go-ahead


Around these parts, Philips cell phones are pretty rare. We may swim among a sea of multicolor RAZRs, but when the FCC approves a slim flip phone with Philips badging, I’d say that it’s quite noteworthy.

It’s rocking a pretty spiffy, almost Zune-like brown exterior, as well as a fairly prominent digital camera (with video). From what we can gather, the GSM clamshell has an integrated MP3 player (with support for playlists), some sort of memory card expansion (microSD?), a color internal screen, a small monochrome external display, Bluetooth, Chinese language support (Pinyin, Zhuyin, Stroke), and something that they call “Lady’s planner.” Want to be a mother? This will tell you when is, uh, the best time to “try.”

Who will get it, how much it will be, and when it’ll launch… well, those remain a mystery, just like the phone’s model number/name.