Never lose your kid again with EUT


    Dubbed a digital wireless child tracker, the EUT is designed to provide a sort of radar-like system that will help you find your kid should he or she wander away to the toy store without you knowing. Composed of two parts — the belt clip-sporting Parent unit and the watch-like Child unit — the EUT system operates on the 2.4GHz band.

    When your child goes missing, simply press the “find” button and it will begin to beep. Akin to playing a game of “hot and cold”, the beeps increase in frequency as you get closer to the child and decrease in frequency as you get further away. On the Parent unit, you’ll also find a series of six LEDs that will tell you which direction you should go.

    Up to four kids can be linked to a single Parent unit, using the different channels provided. It’s FCC approved, but we have no indication regarding pricing or availability.