Flashy lights in new iPod nano polycarbonate case

Flashy lights in new iPod nano polycarbonate case


It’s not enough to just protect your iPod nano from everyday bumps and bruises, you have to put on a show doing it. The new iClear and Disko polycarbonate cases from Griffin do just that. While the playlist you’re bobbing your head to should be entertainment enough, the new Griffin “Disko” iPod protector comes with some flashy-looking lights that surround the click wheel. Blinky blinky.

Available in clear and in black, the Disko is said to be compatible with both first and second generation iPod nanos, and if you’re worried about battery life, don’t. The lights are powered by the Disko’s own battery, so it won’t put a drain on your Apple player.

The iClear, on the other hand, is just a clear case. That’s why it’s ten bucks cheaper than the $30 Disko.