Bluetooth-powered Skype conferencing, Klingon style

Bluetooth-powered Skype conferencing, Klingon style


Ah, conference calls. I know it’s the favorite part of my day. This latest Bluetooth conference bridge will let you chat it up with your business associates all wireless-like, but does it look a little too much like a spaceship out of Star Trek? With the three-pronged configuration, it seems like something that will hover over an enemy base and let loose an energy beam of conversational proportions.

Key features include the SkypeOut/In, advanced echo cancellation technology, Bluetooth Class 1 support for up to 100 meters of range, an easy-to-use graphical user interface, and charging via USB. Naturally, it’s got a keypad right in the front so you can dial at will too.

No word on pricing, but the FCC has given this space-age device the go-ahead, so we could be seeing it on store shelves any day now.