Apple iPod comes with snazzy new paintjobs

Apple iPod comes with snazzy new paintjobs


Do you remember ColorwarePC? They’re the same people that went around slapping bold new paintjobs on T-Mobile Sidekick 3s, letting you express yourself through vibrant new colors? Well, they’re back and they’ve taken their several buckets of paint to everyone’s favorite music player. After ColorwarePC gets done with your iPod, no one will call it a glossy white number ever again.

While it cost you a cool Benjamin to customize a Sidekick 3, it’ll only run $74 to get the same palette-swapping treatment to an iPod. They have 28 colors for you to choose from, ranging from the flat and simplistic to ones that “have embedded metal flakes that shimmer under bright lights.”

Even if you don’t have an iPod already, ColorwarePC will happily sell you a nano or 5G video, wrap it up in a nice new paintjob, and ship it out your way. For this, they’ll deal with international customers, but if you’re sending in your own iPod, they only want American business.