Another ExpressCard option for blazing fast HSDPA

Another ExpressCard option for blazing fast HSDPA


There’s a world of choices out there for anyone who wants high-speed internet on their laptops, everywhere they go. Option Wireless Technology of Belgium has just announced the GlobeTrotter EXPRESS 7.2, an ExpressCard that’ll grab super-fast HSDPA signals, letting you read Mobile Magazine while at the airport, at a train station, or at grandma’s eating sweet potato pie.

As its name implies, this card is capable of delivering speeds of up to 7.2Mbps downstream, but — to our knowledge — there aren’t any carriers that are capable of that kind of HSDPA-powered data transfer at this time, but it’s nice to know that the capability is there whenever they do start offering it. In the meantime, you can enjoy 3.6Mbps HSDPA and EDGE.

One other thing that’s nice to know is that with Option’s “Zero CD”, there’s no need to load up drivers as they are built into the Globetrotter EXPRESS 7.2 itself. No word on availability or pricing.