A cell phone with dual displays, and not the way you think

A cell phone with dual displays, and not the way you think


It’s nothing new to find a cell phone with two displays: one on the inside and one on the outside, right? Well, a Korean inventor has taken the dual LCD idea to a whole new level, revealing a prototype cell phone that places twin color screens beside one another. Based on the pictures provided, they seem to work on some sort of sliding mechanism, wherein the top screen can slide halfway to the left and the bottom screen halfway to the right, effectively producing side-by-side displays.

Revealed at the Seoul International Invention Fair 2006, this interesting idea by Seok Hong Jeong is “specifically designed to optimize mobile internet services for a wide-ranging variety of multimedia contents.” In effect, you have a portrait display for all your regular cell phone needs, but a widescreen landscape for mobile surfing.

Seok Hong Jeong has already applied for a patent, but he hasn’t heard back from the international offices just yet. He hopes to cooperate with existing cell phone makers and service providers to turn his idea into a reality.