3Soft’s MAXTOMBOW GPS, DMB, PMP is coming to America


    A car radio that only plays music just doesn’t cut the mustard these days. For a complete package that offers not only GPS navigation, not only multimedia playback, but also DMB TV, there is the all-new MAXTOMBOW from 3Soft. There’s no need to even bring your car in to a professional installer, as they provide you with a suction cup thing to mount the 7-inch LCD display with 720×480 resolution, a cigarette plug for power, and a DMB antenna to catch those Korean dramas on the go.

    Just approved by the FCC, the MAXTOMBOW (aka the BD-200) comes with plenty of functionality. There’s an SD expansion slot wherein you can load up all your favorite GPS maps, music, and videos; there’s GPS navigation that will keep you heading in the right direction; and there’s an integrated multimedia player that will easily blast out your collection of tunes (MPEG1-3), vids(XViD, MPEG4/1), and photos (JPEG). What’s more, it fully supports “multitasking.”

    No word on pricing, but I won’t be at all surprised to find this in a SEMA show car soon.