Willcom R9: the ultimate minimalist cell phone

Willcom R9: the ultimate minimalist cell phone


For the times that just want a simple, yet fashionable cell phone. there is the Willcom R9. While it may not have a camera or a music player, it is perfectly capable of handling voice calls, email, and wireless internet. The approach that Willcom has taken with the R9, in this way, is quite different from the rest of the crowd: they’re not bent on cramming as much functionality as possible.

That’s not to say that the R9 comes up short. They managed to shave it down to just 11.5mm of thickness, thanks to “searching for every last thin component we could find,” said Tajiri of Willcom. The 2-inch screen is said to be the perfect balance between portability and visibility, particularly when it comes to web browsing.

If my Babelnese wasn’t so rusty, I could probably tell you more about the interview contained in the Read link below… any Japanese speakers out there want to give us a hand?