Elekson gadget bag doubles as a cloth keyboard


    Convergence devices, people, convergence devices. We see cell phones with built-in cameras and music players, but what about the bags we toss these funky machines in? Elekson has created a nifty looking bag that will happily protect your UMPC (or maybe even a Tablet PC), but it also pulls double duty as a fully functional cloth keyboard.

    What this means is that you don’t to lug around an extra keyboard everywhere you go, and what’s more, Elekson is indicating that the bag can be converted into a Bluetooth device. Naturally, typing on this cloth keyboard won’t be quite as fast as on a regular one, but “the guy from Carrypad UMPC blog” claims he get about 55% of his normal rate. Bear in mind that the keys have no travel to them.

    No word on pricing or availability.