Don’t be Buffaloed by this iPodish mouse

Don’t be Buffaloed by this iPodish mouse


Buffalo should be nervous about this one, the Patent Police may be set loose by Mr. Steve Jobs.

It sure looks like an iPod to me, especially the original shuffle. I wouldn’t want to grab this one by accident on my way out for a run, because it lacks any type of audio playback capabilties.

Dubbed the BOMU-RHW01/S, a new mouse from Buffalo Japan that is a good old USB device. (Why, if you’re going to copy a new-age device, wouldn’t you make it wireless as well?)

Using it can be a bit complex, since you have to remember that up is right and down is left. You’ll probably get the hang of it, though, after a few attempts. By that time, you’ll have stopped looking for the headphone jack.

The BOMU-RHW01/s was designed with notebooks in mind, but I don’t see why you couldn’t use it with your desktop as well, especially since the USB cable is retractable. It does Windows but doesn’t play nice with Macs, so maybe you won’t have to worry about mistaking it for an iPod after all.

It comes in black, silver, or white, and it can be had for just 6,993 yen (US$60).