Cell Phone Related Cancer Nulled

Cell Phone Related Cancer Nulled


Mobile phones can do a lot of things, like leave a ringing in your ear, give you a stiff neck, and especially make you put up with loud yappers in public, but they probably won’t cause cancer. We say probably because nobody really knows for sure what causes cancer. We can take an educated guess in many cases, and certain things can increase the likelihood that you’ll get it. But according to a new study out of Denmark, talking on your mobile, even for long periods of time, isn’t one of them.

We’ve heard this before, right? Such studies have been financed, many conspiracy theorists suspect, somewhere along the way by mobile phone providers. But this latest study (which may or may not have been encouraged by mobile company inc.) has a whole mess of data to back it up.

The Danish Institute of Cancer Epidemiology has just released its findings in a study that targeted more than 400,000 Danes. The study found mobile phone users to be at no greater risk of getting tumors, leukemia, or cancer than those who never picked up a mobile. That’s a big boatload full of Danes, and the scientists found nothing rotten in the state of their brains.

You used to hear these urban myths about how the electromagnetic field emitted by a mobile phone would go beaming directly into your brain and give you cancer on the spot. Yet the Danish team tracked some mobile users for more than two decades and found cancer rates to be less than expected. They did find cancer cases—14,249, to be exact—but that was out of a population of 420,095. Don’t know about you, but I’ll take those odds any day. They also compared that rate to the rest of the country (another 5 million people) and found no surprises there, either.

Despite one study to the contrary, the scientists said emphatically that the kind of radiation given off by mobile phones has not sufficiently been proven to alter cells or DNA in any way. What they didn’t say is that using a mobile phone can actually make you less intelligent, as shown by those who have had auto accidents because they were TXTing while driving.