HUD beams your speed onto the windshield


    You can argue all you want that this is a good idea, that people will benefit from it, and that everyone should have one installed, even if their vehicles aren’t made by BMW. For me, it would be just one more thing to concentrate on. The earth has enough distracted drivers. Rather than inform the drivers, this device may serve as a big distraction.

    BMW says it is a visual system that can be built in to your car. It’s called HUD, and it helps you navigate through the rough traffic of life by showing you your present speed and up-to-the-second sat-nav info right on your windshield in color.

    I can see the photo just as well as you can, and I can see that big number 58 staring me in the face. Trouble is, I know that I have this terrible compunction to increase that number if I can see it. Somehow, even moreso than if you can look at a dial that’s embedded in the dash behind your steering wheel, having your current speed emblazoned on the windshield right in front of your eyes just has to encourage you to speed. It’s like the radar gun at a baseball game. The more the pitcher looks at it, the higher he wants the number to be.

    GM has been using similar technology for some time now in Corvettes, some people must like it.