Futuristic jerseys display player stats


    “Coach always says to keep my eyes on the ball, but I can’t help looking at the other players’ jerseys.”

    That could well be a common refrain in the coming years, if TeamAWear catches on in a big way. These are basketball uniforms that sport key player and game statistics using electroluminiscent displays. Panels down the sides of each uniform display that player’s point totals; similar panels on the shoulders display player fouls. And, just for fun, a panel on the chest shows time left in the game.

    All of these panels, including one on the back of the jersey that shows which team is winning, are connected to a tiny wireless computer, which updates its info in real time with streaming data from a courtside control system.

    The TeamAWear jerseys are being tested in Australia. Response so far has been rather good overall. Players say that they have benefited from the updated information, especially the time left in the game, so they know when to pick things up without have to glance to the rafters and squint at the scoreboard. The audience, especially, has enjoyed seeing data updates that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

    The jerseys have held up well so far in the physical game that basketball is. But what happens when the jerseys are worn by players of football, a contact sport no matter what country’s rules you use?