Funky color effects with Sony Ericsson Z310

Funky color effects with Sony Ericsson Z310


While everyone else is jumping on the “let’s make our phones as thin and monochrome as possible”, Sony is taking a different approach. For the Sony Ericsson Z310, they have not only implemented a spiffy mirror finish, not only a vibrant paint job, but also an external display that performs “eye-catching colored lighting effects that occur every time someone calls.” In fact, these color effects can be customized to entries in your phone book, essentially provided a “color” caller ID.

This GSM clamshell gets its high-speed data via EDGE, its music — both in terms of ringtones and an actual player — in form of MP3s, and its handsfree-ness with Bluetooth. Too bad on the on-board camera is a mere VGA shooter, but it’ll direct connect to Picture Blogging.

No word on pricing or availability, but we know that they’ll be offering the Z310 in Jet Set Black, Blush Bronze, and Lush Pink.